Dominican personalities are in part a reflection of the underlying power structures existing within the Dominican Republic. Just as Taiwanese Chinese have very different personalities than those on the mainland (i.e. communist China, where there is no power sharing via the right to vote), so too: the development of democracy in the Dominican Republic has had a very positive effect on the average citizen's psychological attributes/characteristics.

At present, due to a lack of educational awareness, many Dominicans don't have the practical ability to use the law to protect themselves or their property. Further, implementation of the law by officials is uneven and irrational. In fact, many Dominican police and other officers of government use the law as a tool to enrich themselves rather than to safeguard the interests of citizens in general. One hopeful sign, however, can be seen in the jeering and cheering groups of people that come out during elections. There is general awareness of the fact that the outcomes of elections has very real, and personal impact. Again, this is a good sign. In countries such as China (whose economy on a per capita basis just recently in 2018 surpassed that of the Dominican Republic) there is virtual total unawareness of how valuable something like the right to vote might be. I say "something like" because, indeed, most Chinese appear quite unable to properly conceptualize it. Many believe that "democracy" means the leaders of a country simply asking for input from the citizens. And hence was born the official Communist Chinese version of the concept of democracy: "consultative democracy".

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